The Polish phrase that will help you through tough times.

|Wordlist| In Poland, the concept of „Jakoś to będzie” is acting without worrying about the consequences. It’s reaching for the impossible. It’s taking risks, and not being afraid. Words like „hygge” (Danish), „gezelligheid” (Dutch) and „lagom” (Swedish) have become very popular in recent years. But fans of these fuzzy-sounding concepts often miss the point that[…]

Keep calm and study PHRASAL VERBS #9 ‚DRAW’

draw back to resign from fulfilling a promise wycofać się z obietnicy Although my sister had promised to help us, she drew back at the last minute. draw back to move backwards cofnąć się He drew back when the dog barked. draw in arrive at a station (of a bus/train) wjechać na stację The train[…]

Keep calm and study PHRASAL VERBS #8 ‚DO’

do away with to get rid of something pozbyć się, znieść coś We did away with the old bed and bought a new one. do (somebody) down to speak badly of somebody źle mówić o kimś I don’t like John because he’s always doing people down. do (somebody) in to kill zlikwidować kogoś, zabić The[…]

What’s your company’s English proficiency?

|Wordlist| English across countries and industries. In today’s globalized economy, language skills can play a crucial role. Miscommunication in the aviation industry can prove fatal. No doubt about it. It is reported that more than 1,000 deaths in plane crashes have been caused by communication failures. But lack of communication might have disastrous consequences in[…]

Should I say ‚excited’ or ‚exciting’?

-ed / -ing adjectives – basic rules VERB – czasownik ADJECTIVE which describes how you or somebody else feels – przymiotnik – cecha opisująca jak ty lub ktoś inny się czuje ADJECTIVE which describes what kind of person/thing somebody/something is – przymiotnik – cecha opisująca jakim ktoś lub coś jest interest interesować interested zainteresowany interesting[…]

Keep calm and study PHRASAL VERBS #7 ‚CUT’

cut across take a shorter way pójść na skróty If you’re in a hurry, cut across the park. cut down on reduce ograniczyć We must cut down on eating out in restaurants – we simply can’t afford it. cut in to move suddenly in front of another car zajechać komuś drogę Suddenly a car cut[…]