The Polish phrase that will help you through tough times.

|Wordlist| In Poland, the concept of „Jakoś to będzie” is acting without worrying about the consequences. It’s reaching for the impossible. It’s taking risks, and not being afraid. Words like „hygge” (Danish), „gezelligheid” (Dutch) and „lagom” (Swedish) have become very popular in recent years. But fans of these fuzzy-sounding concepts often miss the point that[…]

What’s your company’s English proficiency?

|Wordlist| English across countries and industries. In today’s globalized economy, language skills can play a crucial role. Miscommunication in the aviation industry can prove fatal. No doubt about it. It is reported that more than 1,000 deaths in plane crashes have been caused by communication failures. But lack of communication might have disastrous consequences in[…]

Neuroscientists Discover Most Relaxing Song

|Wordlist| „Weightless” by Marconi Union can dramatically reduce anxiety by 65%; listening to „Weightless” can slow heart rate, reduce blood pressure and decrease cortisol levels. According to the National Institute of Mental Health in the U.S. approximately 10% of teenagers and 40% of adults in the United States suffer from anxiety disorders, which costs the[…]

Valentine’s Day advice – kids know better! (video)

|Wordlist| Ladies …would you like to go on a date with Idris Elba? Gentlemen …would you like to organize a perfect date? YES? We have a real treat for you: watch the film below and either learn how to win a date with the famous actor or write down useful tips for an unforgettable date.[…]

Napping can Dramatically Increase Learning, Memory, Awareness, and More

|Wordlist| Did you know that some towns actually shut down in the afternoon so that everyone can go or a quick power nap, recharge and come back to work? Unfortunately, this isn’t the case in the US where a mid-day nap is quite the luxury rarely who can afford and is often considered a sign[…]

The mystery over the @ sign

|Wordlist| The @ character is the symbol of the internet age, crucial for emails and social networking. But no-one really knows where it came from. The „at sign” was once an obscure symbol known only to book-keepers. That changed thanks to Ray Tomlinson, the man widely regarded as the inventor of the email. He plucked[…]

Bored at work? Play rock, paper, scissors and win every time!

|Wordlist| Did you do badly at rock, paper, scissors when you were a child? Now, it’s time to take your revenge! With a little help of science you can increase your odds of winning the game. How? Check out the tips below. The first throw Research by William Poundstone has shown that men tend to[…]

Check out the simple way how Japanese kids learn multiplication (video)

Kids in Japan learn how to multiply completely differently than how they do in the West. Without the stress of memorizing times tables, all this method requires you to do is count lines and dots. Check out the videos below, and see if you can pick it up yourself. Na podstawie: &

When and what to eat after physical exercise?

Wordlist First of all, it’s a big mistake to believe that you shouldn’t eat immediately after you finish your training. The best thing for your body is to eat as soon as you finish a training. Don’t wait too long – your body will store the food as fat feeds your muscles. It’s recommended to[…]

PRIME Corporate Center put into commission

Wordlist The 96-metre tall PRIME Corporate Center building located at 78 Grzybowska street in Warsaw has already received valid use permit. This means that the investment developed by Golub GetHouse has been completed within just two years since the beginning of construction. PRIME Corporate Center anchor tenant is Raiffeisen Polbank. PRIME Corporate Center building is[…]

International Women’s Day 8 March

Wordlist Introduction International Women’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world. It is a day when women are recognized for their achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political. International Women’s Day first emerged from the activities of labour movements at the turn of the twentieth century in[…]

Lech Walesa Faces New Accusations of Communist Collaboration

Wordlist WARSAW — Lech Walesa, the former shipyard worker who helped bring about the collapse of Communism in Poland and then served as the country’s president, faces new accusations that he was an informant for the secret police during the Communist era. For many years, accusations of collaboration have dogged Mr. Walesa, the leader of[…]

15 Things Every Single Girl Can Relate To

Being single definitely has its highs and lows. But there’s no doubt that flying solo is sometimes way better than dating. This may be one of the only times in your life when you can do whatever you want and when you want it. When you get into bed, you can lie starfish-style! Stay out[…]