Keep calm and study PHRASAL VERBS #9 ‚DRAW’

draw back to resign from fulfilling a promise wycofać się z obietnicy Although my sister had promised to help us, she drew back at the last minute. draw back to move backwards cofnąć się He drew back when the dog barked. draw in arrive at a station (of a bus/train) wjechać na stację The train[…]

Keep calm and study PHRASAL VERBS #8 ‚DO’

do away with to get rid of something pozbyć się, znieść coś We did away with the old bed and bought a new one. do (somebody) down to speak badly of somebody źle mówić o kimś I don’t like John because he’s always doing people down. do (somebody) in to kill zlikwidować kogoś, zabić The[…]

What’s your company’s English proficiency?

|Wordlist| English across countries and industries. In today’s globalized economy, language skills can play a crucial role. Miscommunication in the aviation industry can prove fatal. No doubt about it. It is reported that more than 1,000 deaths in plane crashes have been caused by communication failures. But lack of communication might have disastrous consequences in[…]

Keep calm and study PHRASAL VERBS #7 ‚CUT’

cut across take a shorter way pójść na skróty If you’re in a hurry, cut across the park. cut down on reduce ograniczyć We must cut down on eating out in restaurants – we simply can’t afford it. cut in to move suddenly in front of another car zajechać komuś drogę Suddenly a car cut[…]

Keep calm and study PHRASAL VERBS #6 ‚COME’

come about to happen, to start to happen wydarzyć się, stać się How did this situation come about? come across (something) to find by chance natknąć się (na coś) When I was tidying up the attic, I came across my old diary. come across to give an impression sprawiać wrażenie My boss comes across as[…]

Keep calm and study PHRASAL VERBS #5 ‚CARRY’

carry away to move or excite greatly poruszyć kogoś I was carried away by his fantastic speech. carry (sth) off to handle successfully poradzić sobie z czymś It was a difficult situation but Tom carried it off on his own. carry on to continue kontynuować Please carry on with this exercise until I come back.[…]

Neuroscientists Discover Most Relaxing Song

|Wordlist| „Weightless” by Marconi Union can dramatically reduce anxiety by 65%; listening to „Weightless” can slow heart rate, reduce blood pressure and decrease cortisol levels. According to the National Institute of Mental Health in the U.S. approximately 10% of teenagers and 40% of adults in the United States suffer from anxiety disorders, which costs the[…]

Keep calm and study PHRASAL VERBS #4 ‚CALL’

call after to name someone after somebody else dać imię po kimś She was called Jessica after her mother’s best friend. call back to call someone who has called you before oddzwonić Please call me back as soon as you hear this message. call for (something) to require, need wymagać Leaving your country calls for[…]

Keep calm and study PHRASAL VERBS #3 ‚BRING’

bring about to cause something to happen wywołać, doprowadzić do czegoś Social media platforms have brought about huge changes in the way people communicate. bring down (emotionally) to make somebody unhappy, disappoint zasmucać, dołować This song always brings me down – it’s so sad! bring down (kill) to kill somebody zabić, „zdjąć kogoś” The sniper[…]

Keep calm and study PHRASAL VERBS #2 ‚BREAK’

break away to run away, escape uciec Twenty prisoners broke away from Guantanamo prison last night. break down to stop working (about a machine) popsuć się The lift had broken down so I had to use the stairs instead. break down to lose control of feelings (emotionally) rozkleić się I totally broke down when I[…]

Keep calm and study PHRASAL VERBS #1 ‚BE’

be about to to be going to do something very soon mieć właśnie coś zrobić I was about to leave the office when you called. be after to be looking for someone, to try to find poszukiwać Don’t tell anybody I’m here. The police are after me. be down with to be ill with być[…]

Taboo – The game of unSPEAKable fun! (feat. Katy Perry)

How Do You Play Taboo? Taboo is a verbal game played with two teams of three players or more, a deck of guess cards with a set of taboo words, and a battery operated buzzer. Cards are placed in the card holder and Team A selects a person in their group to be the Clue-giver.[…]

Scientific Weight Loss Tips (video)

Wordlist Tired of searching for the perfect diet to lose weight? Find out the top weight loss tips, with solid science to back them up. Wordlist: to starve yourself – to eat to little to function normally – głodzić się to induce the release of – to cause the release of – spowodować uwolnienie (substancji)[…]