Keep calm and study PHRASAL VERBS #3 ‚BRING’

bring about to cause something to happen wywołać, doprowadzić do czegoś Social media platforms have brought about huge changes in the way people communicate. bring down (emotionally) to make somebody unhappy, disappoint zasmucać, dołować This song always brings me down – it’s so sad! bring down (kill) to kill somebody zabić, „zdjąć kogoś” The sniper[…]

Keep calm and study PHRASAL VERBS #2 ‚BREAK’

break away to run away, escape uciec Twenty prisoners broke away from Guantanamo prison last night. break down to stop working (about a machine) popsuć się The lift had broken down so I had to use the stairs instead. break down to lose control of feelings (emotionally) rozkleić się I totally broke down when I[…]

Keep calm and study PHRASAL VERBS #1 ‚BE’

be about to to be going to do something very soon mieć właśnie coś zrobić I was about to leave the office when you called. be after to be looking for someone, to try to find poszukiwać Don’t tell anybody I’m here. The police are after me. be down with to be ill with być[…]

Taboo – The game of unSPEAKable fun! (feat. Katy Perry)

How Do You Play Taboo? Taboo is a verbal game played with two teams of three players or more, a deck of guess cards with a set of taboo words, and a battery operated buzzer. Cards are placed in the card holder and Team A selects a person in their group to be the Clue-giver.[…]

The mystery over the @ sign

|Wordlist| The @ character is the symbol of the internet age, crucial for emails and social networking. But no-one really knows where it came from. The „at sign” was once an obscure symbol known only to book-keepers. That changed thanks to Ray Tomlinson, the man widely regarded as the inventor of the email. He plucked[…]

Bored at work? Play rock, paper, scissors and win every time!

|Wordlist| Did you do badly at rock, paper, scissors when you were a child? Now, it’s time to take your revenge! With a little help of science you can increase your odds of winning the game. How? Check out the tips below. The first throw Research by William Poundstone has shown that men tend to[…]

Scientific Weight Loss Tips (video)

Wordlist Tired of searching for the perfect diet to lose weight? Find out the top weight loss tips, with solid science to back them up. Wordlist: to starve yourself – to eat to little to function normally – głodzić się to induce the release of – to cause the release of – spowodować uwolnienie (substancji)[…]

When and what to eat after physical exercise?

Wordlist First of all, it’s a big mistake to believe that you shouldn’t eat immediately after you finish your training. The best thing for your body is to eat as soon as you finish a training. Don’t wait too long – your body will store the food as fat feeds your muscles. It’s recommended to[…]

What If You Stopped Eating? (video)

Wordlist If any one of you has ever had a bad experience with an irritated woman, I suggest that it could be a result of the deficiency in carbohydrates in her body. And as it turns out, this can lead to serious disorders, so keep an eye on yourselves. 😉 Dear girls and boys on[…]