Should I say ‚excited’ or ‚exciting’?

-ed / -ing adjectives – basic rules VERB – czasownik ADJECTIVE which describes how you or somebody else feels – przymiotnik – cecha opisująca jak ty lub ktoś inny się czuje ADJECTIVE which describes what kind of person/thing somebody/something is – przymiotnik – cecha opisująca jakim ktoś lub coś jest interest interesować interested zainteresowany interesting[…]

Valentine’s Day advice – kids know better! (video)

|Wordlist| Ladies …would you like to go on a date with Idris Elba? Gentlemen …would you like to organize a perfect date? YES? We have a real treat for you: watch the film below and either learn how to win a date with the famous actor or write down useful tips for an unforgettable date.[…]

Confusing words #5 – other or another (explanation)

When do we use other and another? NONSPECIFIC SITUATIONS (SYTUACJE OGÓLNE) OTHER ANOTHER we use the word with plural nouns / uncountable nouns (używamy z rzeczownikami w liczbie mnogiej / rzeczownikami niepoliczalnymi) we use the word with singular countable nouns (używamy z rzeczownikami policzalnymi w liczbie pojedynczej) the words means: different types of, additional (słowo[…]

Taboo – The game of unSPEAKable fun! (feat. Katy Perry)

How Do You Play Taboo? Taboo is a verbal game played with two teams of three players or more, a deck of guess cards with a set of taboo words, and a battery operated buzzer. Cards are placed in the card holder and Team A selects a person in their group to be the Clue-giver.[…]

Napping can Dramatically Increase Learning, Memory, Awareness, and More

|Wordlist| Did you know that some towns actually shut down in the afternoon so that everyone can go or a quick power nap, recharge and come back to work? Unfortunately, this isn’t the case in the US where a mid-day nap is quite the luxury rarely who can afford and is often considered a sign[…]

Poruszanie się po mieście / pytania o kierunki, o drogę

CARDINAL DIRECTIONS – kierunki świata Wordlist: ulica – street (st) droga – road (rd) aleja – avenue (ave) alejka – alley, lane rondo – roundabout, traffic circle skrzyżowanie – crossroads chodnik – pavement, sidewalk przejście dla pieszych między budynkami – walkway przejście dla pieszych ze światłami sterowanymi przyciskiem – pelican crossing przejście dla pieszych –[…]

When and what to eat after physical exercise?

Wordlist First of all, it’s a big mistake to believe that you shouldn’t eat immediately after you finish your training. The best thing for your body is to eat as soon as you finish a training. Don’t wait too long – your body will store the food as fat feeds your muscles. It’s recommended to[…]