Keep calm and study PHRASAL VERBS #9 ‚DRAW’

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draw back

to resign from fulfilling a promise

wycofać się z obietnicy

Although my sister had promised to help us, she drew back at the last minute.

draw back

to move backwards

cofnąć się

He drew back when the dog barked.

draw in

arrive at a station
(of a bus/train)

wjechać na stację

The train drew in and the passengers started to get off.

draw out

to take money out of a bank account

wypłacić pieniądze z konta

He drew out money to pay for the taxi.

draw out

to make something continue longer than usual


He drew out his speech for over an hour.

draw up

to write a document
(a contract/will etc.)

sporządzić dokument
(umowę/testament itp.)

The lawyers are drawing up a new contract with an advertising company.

1. I hate it when my parents make a promise and draw the next day.
2. I need to draw some money to pay my rent.
3. When she saw the mess in the kitchen, she drew in horror.
4. He drew the meeting for one hour with his useless comments.
5. Let’s draw guidelines for dealing with emergency situations.
6. The train drew with a one-hour delay.

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