Keep calm and study PHRASAL VERBS #8 ‚DO’

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do away with to get rid of something pozbyć się, znieść coś

We did away with the old bed and bought a new one.

do (somebody) down to speak badly of somebody źle mówić o kimś

I don’t like John because he’s always doing people down.

do (somebody) in to kill zlikwidować kogoś, zabić

The robbers threatened to do the cashier in.

do out to tidy a place thoroughly uprzątnąć, wyczyścić

We need to do out the garage because there’s too much stuff in it.

do (something) over to do again zrobić raz jeszcze

I didn’t get a good grade for my essay so I’m planning to do it over.

do up to fasten, to tie zapiąć, zawiązać

It’s cold outside. Do up your jacker before you leave home.

do (something) up to renovate an old building or a house wyremontować

They bought an old house in the countryside and spent three years doing it up.

do with to want something chcieć, potrzebować

I could do with a good night’s sleep. I haven’t slept well for weeks.

do with to have a connection with something else mieć coś wspólnego

It’s got nothing to do with me.

do without to live or continue to live without something poradzić sobie bez czegoś

I forgot to buy milk so we’ll have to do without it.

1. I’m afraid my boyfriend has something to do this accident.
2. Stop doing everyone ! Try to say something nice for a change!
3. Going camping in the woods means doing electricity.
4. My dream is to buy and old hotel in the mountains and do it .
5. The mafia did the police informant after he had revealed his bosses plans.
6. Do your work right or you’ll have to do it .
7. Before you buy another pair of shoes, you’d better do the closet. It’s full!
8. Nobody liked the uniforms so the school decided to do with them.
9. I’m tired. I could do a cup of espresso.
10. Do your shirt if you don’t want everybody to see your tummy.

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