Keep calm and study PHRASAL VERBS #7 ‚CUT’

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cut across take a shorter way pójść na skróty

If you’re in a hurry, cut across the park.

cut down on reduce ograniczyć

We must cut down on eating out in restaurants – we simply can’t afford it.

cut in to move suddenly in front of another car zajechać komuś drogę

Suddenly a car cut in and I had to break down.

cut in interrupt (in a conversation) wejść komuś w zdanie

Stop cutting in and let me finish, please.

cut off disconnect odciąć (np. prąd, gaz)

Our electricity was cut off because we hadn’t paid bills for months.

cut out to remove wyciąć

I think you should cut out the second paragraph – it’s not connected with the topic of your essay.

be cut out to be be suited for a particular job być stworzonym do

My sister is cut out to be a psychologist – she’s the best listener I’ve ever known.

cut up cut into small pieces pokroić na kawałki

Cut up this pork chop for Sarah or else she won’t eat it.

1. If we the field, it'll save time.
2. the tomatoes before you add them to the salad.
3. The only reason why I caused the accident was because a car suddenly before me.
4. If you want to lose weight, you need to sweets.
5. Our telephone was after a few months of failing to pay the bills.
6. They all the tree branches hanging above the car park.
7. During the debate my opponent ten times or more.
8. Jack isn’t a teacher – he’s too impatient with children.

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