Keep calm and study PHRASAL VERBS #6 ‚COME’

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come about to happen, to start to happen wydarzyć się, stać się

How did this situation come about?

come across (something) to find by chance natknąć się (na coś)

When I was tidying up the attic, I came across my old diary.

come across to give an impression sprawiać wrażenie

My boss comes across as a really nice guy.

come along to go somewhere with someone dołączyć

We’re going to the cinema. Do you want to come along?

come back to return powracać

Every time I see my ex all memories are coming back to me now.

come between to harm a relationship skłócić

Don’t let one little disagreement come between us.

come by to obtain nabyć, wejść w posiadanie

I’m wondering how he came by such a huge amount of money in just one year.

come down with to become ill zachorować

My sister won’t join us – she’s come down with the flu and she’s lying in bed.

come into inherit odziedziczyć

After his grandpa died, he came into an old house in the countryside.

come off succeed udać się, wypalić

Despite many problems, out plan came off.

come out (be published) be published zostać opublikowanym

When will your new article come out in Science Today?

come out (about stains) be able to be removed wywabiać

Look at that stain! I’m afraid it’ll never come out!

come round (about a visit) visit someone casually wpaść do kogoś

You can come round any time. You don’t need to call us before.

come round (about an unconscious person) to recover consciousness odzyskać przytomność

It took Jack a few minutes to come round after he had fallen off the ladder.

come up (in a conversation) be mentioned wyjść w rozmowie

I was surprised when your name came up in the conversation. I didn’t know you know my boss.

come up (about the sun/moon) to rise ine the sky pojawiać się

I watched the sun come up from the top of the mountain.

come up to to approach podejść do kogoś

A stranger came up to me and asked me for directions to the station.

come up to (expectations) fulfil spełniać

I’m afraid I will never come up to my mother’s expectations.

come up with to find an answer/solution wpaść na pomysł / rozwiązanie

As I was walking home, I came up with a brilliant idea.

come to (about a topic) to amount to a total wynosić (o kwocie, sumie)

The electricity bill came to 120 pounds.

1. How did it that the police came to your flat?
2. She fainted but soon .
3. The idea of moving abroad keeps to me.
4. It's really difficult to imagine anything them.
5. I this old letter when I was looking for my driving license.
6. Jessica with a fortune after her father died.
7. After a long cloudy day, the sun finally .
8. How did you this beautiful painting?
9. If you want this tomato stain to , put the shirt in cold water.
10. Did you know that a new J. K. Rowling’s book next week?
11. It’s Martha’s birthday this weekend. We need a present for her.
12. Jack with the flu last weekend.
13. I was hoping to hear information about their wedding plans but the topic didn’t .
14. Last week’s party really , don’t you think?
15. My friend’s new girlfriend as a really boring person.
16. Alice to me and said hello.
17. Yesterday’s restaurant bill fifty pounds.
18. Would you like to on a trip to the mountains tomorrow?
19. Please if you’re in the neighbourhood.
20. The room in the hotel was alright but the food to my expectations.

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