Past tenses (exercise)

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Uzupełnij zdania odpowiednimi czasami przeszłymi. Nie używaj skróconych form.

1. Susie and Rob didn't speak to each other at the party because they (have) a fight before they left home.
2. When I (clean) the attic I found my old diary.
3. After 20 minutes we realized we (talk) about two different films.
4. When I (do shopping), I ran into an old friend of mine.
5. After I came back home I (go) straight to bed.
6. When the police stopped me, I (drive) over a hundred kilometers with the lights off.
7. Yesterday morning I was feeling very tired because I (learn) for my final exam all night.
8. Before I found a job I (be) unemployed for many years.
9. While George was cutting the grass, his wife (water) the flowers.
10. After I became a team leader I (start) to wear a suit every day.



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