Keep calm and study PHRASAL VERBS #5 ‚CARRY’

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carry away

to move or excite greatly

poruszyć kogoś

I was carried away by his fantastic speech.

carry (sth) off

to handle successfully

poradzić sobie z czymś

It was a difficult situation but Tom carried it off on his own.

carry on

to continue


Please carry on with this exercise until I come back.

carry out

to complete

przeprowadzić, zrealizować

They carried out test to see the effects of the new drug.

carry through

complete successfully

doprowadzić do końca

Do you think the government can carry through the promised reforms?

1. If you carry going to bed so late, you will soon be too tired to get up on time.
2. I’m afraid we have too little time to carry this project .
3. My sister had a difficult role to play in a school performance but she carried it.
4. Jessica was carried by the band’s wonderful performance.
5. After we carry this research, we’ll write about our results.

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