Keep calm and study PHRASAL VERBS #4 ‚CALL’

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call after to name someone after somebody else dać imię po kimś

She was called Jessica after her mother’s best friend.

call back to call someone who has called you before oddzwonić

Please call me back as soon as you hear this message.

call for (something) to require, need wymagać

Leaving your country calls for a lot of courage.

call for (somebody) to go somewhere to pick someone up wpaść po kogoś

My chauffeur will call for you about  6 p.m.

call in to get someone to come and do a job wezwać kogoś do pomocy

I think we should call in security to check the situation.

call off to cancel (e.g. an appointment) odwołać (np. umówione spotkanie)

The conference has been called off because there was too little interest in it.

call on (somebody) to visit somebody odwiedzić

You can call on me anytime you’re in the neighbourhood.

call out to speak loudly krzyczeć, wzywać

‘I’m in the kitchen!’ she called out.

call (somebody) up to  order to join the army powołać do wojska

Reserve soldiers were called up just after the war broke out.

call (something) up to bring something back to your mind przywołać wspomnienia

The smell of gingerbread called up memories of her grandmother.

1. I’ll call you at 8:20 so please be ready.
2. I’m sorry but I have to call our meeting – I have to go out of town.
3. This situation calls immediate action.
4. He was called George his late grandfather.
5. Chris tried to contact you. He asked you to call him today.
6. Thousands of young men were called during World War I.
7. I’m afraid I can’t repair the sink. We’d better call a plumber.
8. Doesn’t Jack leave near here? Let’s call him and see how he is.
9. Seeing my best friend from school called old times.
10. Last night you were calling you ex-wife’s name while sleeping.

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