Valentine’s Day advice – kids know better! (video)

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…would you like to go on a date with Idris Elba?


…would you like to organize a perfect date?


We have a real treat for you: watch the film below and either learn how to win a date with the famous actor or write down useful tips for an unforgettable date. For better understanding switch the subtitles on  🙂 Enjoy!


  • a treat – a special experience or occasion – gratka
  • unforgettable – something that you cannot forget – niezapomniany
  • to pop champagne – to make a short explosive sound when opening a bottle of champagne – otworzyć szampana
  • extraordinary – very unusual, special – wyjątkowy
  • to bring together – to make a group of people meet – zebrać w jednym miejscu
  • to think outside the box – to think imaginatively using new ideas instead of traditional or expected ideas – myśleć kreatywnie, niesztampowo
  • persona – a particular type of character that a person has – osobowość
  • suspenders – a pair of straps that hold up a pair of pants – szelki
  • babyish – suitableonly for a baby – dziecięcy, dla niemowlaków
  • slap – to hit someone or something with the flat part of the hand or other flat object – uderzyć otwartą dłonią, spoliczkować
  • to propose – to ask somebody to marry you – oświadczyć się
  • beans – link – fasolka
  • to fart – to release gas through the bottom – puszczać bąki
  • to criss-cross – type of hip hop dance – taniec polegający na krzyżowaniu nóg w podskokach
  • to swing around – to turn quickly to face another direction – wykonać obrót
  • I bet you! – I guarantee – na pewno, założę się
  • to pull a face – to make a face – robić miny
  • to pass out – to become unconscious – zemdleć
  • ingenious – very clever and involving new ideas – pomysłowy
  • fate – a power that some people believe decides what will happen – przeznaczenie

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