Confusing words #5 – other or another (exercise)

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Fill in the words other or another in their right forms into the gaps. If you need help, click here.

1. You can visit me on Friday; I’m busy on days.

2. I don’t know reasons for his resignation from work.

3. Would you like piece of cake?

4. Today I’m going to see flat to rent.

5. Don’t worry you can’t go out today. We’ll go to the cinema day.

6. I’m afraid there’s no accommodation available in this town.

7. reason why I’d like to go to London in the summer is because I’d like to practice English on my holiday.

8. There are cakes which are easy to prepare.

9. This brochure contains only general information about our products. For information, such as order processing time or terms of delivery, please visit our website.

10. Have you got flats to rent in the city?

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