Keep calm and study PHRASAL VERBS #3 ‚BRING’

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bring about

to cause something to happen

wywołać, doprowadzić do czegoś

Social media platforms have brought about huge changes in the way people communicate.

bring down (emotionally)

to make somebody unhappy, disappoint

zasmucać, dołować

This song always brings me down – it’s so sad!

bring down (kill)

to kill somebody

zabić, „zdjąć kogoś”

The sniper brought down the assassin.

bring forward

to make something happen earlier


Due to the fact that I will be absent from work next week, I would like to bring forward our meeting.

bring in (somebody)

to ask someone to do a particular job

sprowadzić, przyprowadzić kogoś

We have to bring in an expert to find a solution to the problem.

bring off

to succeed in doing something difficult

odnieść sukces, udać się

Nobody believed she could win the contest but she brought it off!

bring out

to introduce on the market

wypuścić na rynek

A new hair-repair shampoo was brought out last week.

bring round

to cause to recover consciousness


It took her boyfriend a while to bring Lucy round after he had proposed to her.

bring up (somebody)

to take care of and educate a child, to raise


He was brought up by his grandparents.

bring up (something)

to introduce into a discussion, to menton


I would like to bring up an issue which is important for all of us.

1. Information about wars always viewers watching the news.
2. I'm happy that you this issue. Let's talk about it.
The escaping prisoner by the police.
4. ABC company its new products on the Polish market next month.
5. Recently the students of our school a successful educational campaign among their parents.
Please the witness to the court room.
7. It took the rescue team half an hour the injured driver.
It takes a lot of engagement and love children properly.
9. The management's decision investors' dissatisfaction.
10. I would like my dentist's appointment of 20 February. Is it possible?

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