Keep calm and study PHRASAL VERBS #2 ‚BREAK’

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break away

to run away, escape


Twenty prisoners broke away from Guantanamo prison last night.

break down

to stop working (about a machine)

popsuć się

The lift had broken down so I had to use the stairs instead.

break down

to lose control of feelings (emotionally)

rozkleić się

I totally broke down when I heard about the accident.

break down

to fail (about e.g. talks)

zakończyć się fiaskiem

The negotiations between the new management and the workers broke down after three hours.

break into

to enter a building by force or illegally

włamać się

When I as on holiday someone broke into my house and stole my hi-fi system.

break (something) off

to separate from something


When nobody was looking, the girl broke off a large piece of chocolate.

break with (something)

to stop doing something that has been ongoing

zerwać z (czymś)

This year Martha broke with tradition and did not get a pumpkin for Halloween.

break out

to begin suddenly (about e.g. war)


The Second World War broke out in 1939.

break through

to pass through a barrier

przedrzeć się

The shop was full with customers so Jenny had to break through the crowd to get to the exit.

break up

to end a relationship

zerwać z kimś

After only a couple of weeks John broke up with Helen.

1. As I was giving my funeral speech, I and burst into tears.
2. Panic among workers after the new company policy was announced.
3. If my brother doesn’t treat his girlfriend better, she him.
4. The boy was trying to from his babysitter but she stumbled and fell.
5. After the terrorist attack the talks between the two countries .
6. New trends have forced the managers to traditional management techniques.
7. Each time I want to go on holiday, my car .
8. The kids are afraid to stay alone at home because someone their house last month.
9. He didn't mean to that piece of decoration.
10. Angry protesters the barriers and attacked the politicians.

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