Keep calm and study PHRASAL VERBS #1 ‚BE’

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be about to

to be going to do something very soon

mieć właśnie coś zrobić

I was about to leave the office when you called.

be after

to be looking for someone, to try to find


Don’t tell anybody I’m here. The police are after me.

be down with

to be ill with

być chorym na

Susan can’t come. She‚s down with flu.

be for/against

to be in favour with/against something

być za/przeciw

Why are you always for/against John’s ideas?

be off

to be absent from school/work

być nieobecnym

If you’re looking for Tommy, he‚s off today.

be in

be fashionable

być modnym

I like this pattern It‚s in this season.

be out

be unfashionable

być niemodnym

Don’t wear that scarf to the party. It‚s definitely out.

be over

to have come to an end

skończyć się

What time will the match be over?

be through with

to have ended a relationship

skończyć związek z kimś

I‚m through with Jenny. I’m opening a new chapter in my life.

be up to

to feel like doing something naughty or wrong


Ted is strangely silent. What is he up to?

1. A flowery jacket? You must be joking! This year only stripes !
2. Don't wear green. I've heard it this season.
3. I'm sure you something. I know this smile of yours!
4. If you see George tell him his wife him and he'd better get home quickly.
5. It's the third time I angina this year.
6. Arthur has just called in to say he tomorrow.
7. John propose to you when you told him you wanted to break up.
8. I'd like to express my full support for Phil. Whatever he decides, I it.
9. Can you believe it? Yesterday Jack told me he Janice. Their relationship is over.
10. I'm bored. I'm waiting for the moment when this lecture .

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