Expressions with TAKE (exercise + game)

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‘Take’ is one of the most commonly used words in English. Do you use this verb a lot, too? Check how many expressions with ‘take’ you know.

take advantage ofwykorzystać kogoś, coś
take a breakzrobić sobie przerwę
take care of somebodyopiekować się kimś
take a chancewykorzystać okazję
take a photozrobić zdjęcie
take a riskzaryzykować
take your timenie spieszyć się
take a day offwziąć dzień wolnego
take placeodbywać się
take an exampodchodzić do egzaminu
take part in sometingbrać udział w czymś
take it for grantedtraktować coś jako oczywiste
take a taxiwziąć taksówkę
take it easynie przejmować się
take it on the chinwziąć coś "na klatę"
take it out on someonewyżyć się na kimś
take your breath awayzapierać dech w piersiach
take after somebodybyć podobnym do kogoś
take notice of somethingzwracać uwagę na coś
take something seriouslybrać coś na poważnie

Practise expressions with ‘take’ and complete the sentences with missing words.

1. This might be a mistake but I’ll take a anyway.
2. You should take of this opportunity to learn English for free.
3. After his heart attack, he had to take things for a while.
4. Excuse me, can you take a of me and my kids?
5. You’re sober?! I took it for that you’d come back drunk from Adam’s party!
6. I'm old enough to take of myself.
7. The meeting will take next week.
8. Don't take it ! It’s not my fault that we’ve got lost!
9. His boss criticized him heavily at the meeting, but he took it .
10. John is our manager’s favourite. The manager says he takes his job .
11. We’re running late. There’s no chance to get there on time unless we take a .
12. I was surprised when I saw her on stage because she doesn't usually take singing contests.
13. The view from the window took my .
14. Well, every time you invest money, you're taking a .
15. Look how similar they are! She definitely takes her mother.
16. I'm tired. Let's take a .
17. I’m going to take an as soon as I finish the course.
18. You don’t need to make a decision now. Take your .
19. The hosts didn't take me, so I left.
20. He took a day yesterday and went fishing.

Let’s play a game…

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