Rage against the machine?

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If the first image that appeared before your eyes when reading this title was a group of musicians playing rock music and making you shout out loud, it means…

  • that you’re old enough to remember the band Rage Against the Machine – an American rock band from Los Angeles formed in 1991;
  • that your life is free from everyday fight against office equipment and office life in general.

We’ve all heard of road rage – aggressive or angry behavior of a driver against other road users. But not everybody knows that there are many other types of rage out there – air rage, bike rage, and… office rage.

rage2Office rage is extreme or violent anger shown by someone at their place of work, and usually caused by the nonperformance of equipment, but it might also be caused by annoying habits of co-workers, irritating bosses, etc. Normally it is directed at printers, computers,  phones and other devices.

According to a study by Lucy Beresford, a psychotherapist and relationship expert, 83% of us have seen a colleague lose their temper at work and 63% of us have lost our temper in an office. Despite the fact that office rage is becoming a more and more difficult issue, public expression of this feeling still remains a taboo.

Is there any help for office workers?

An answer to this question might be rage rooms – safe spaces where you can get rid of your anger with a little help of objects, such as a baseball bat, which can be used against office equipment. Rage rooms are places where you can smash things to give vent to your anger. The most popular device to destroy is a printer – the most characteristic item on the office equipment list. There are many rage rooms across the globe – in the US, Canada, Hungary, etc. Packages cost typically between $20 and $100 for a session lasting 10 to 45 minutes.

But is this kind of aggression an effective cure for stress? Experts, e.g. Brad J Bushman of The Ohio State University, say that it’s like using gasoline to put out fire and they give the following tips to fight against office rage:

– don’t get hangry – eat healthily to help your brain control your anger

– let the anger disappear – count to 10 before you respond

– chill out – take deep breaths to calm down

– use distraction methods – think about something else, e.g. work on a crossword puzzle

– try self-distancing – adopt a “fly on the wall” perspective, see yourself from a third-person stance.

And what do you think? Which way of getting rid of anger is better – smashing stuff in a rage room or using one of the experts’ tips?


  • rage – extreme anger – wściekłość
  • to appear – to start to be present – pojawić się
  • to form – to create – tworzyć
  • road rage – aggressive behavior on the roads – agresja na drodze
  • violent – using force to attack – gwałtowny
  • to cause – to make something happen – powodować
  • nonperformance – inability to performance – niesprawność
  • annoying – irritating – denerwujący
  • to direct at – to aimsometing in a particular direction – kierować do
  • a device – an object invented for a particular purpose – urządzenie
  • to lose your temper – to lose control – stracić panowanie nad sobą
  • despite – without being influenced by – pomimo
  • to remain – to stay in the same place – pozostać
  • to get rid of – to remove something unwanted – pozbyć się
  • to smash – to destroy – rozwalać
  • to give vent to sth – to express emotions (usually negative ones) – dać upust czemuś
  • an item – a thing – rzecz
  • cure – something that makes people who are sick healthy again – lekarstwo
  • gasoline – gas – benzyna
  • put out fire – to stop the fire – gasić pożar
  • to respond – to give an answer – odpowiadać
  • distraction – something that stops you from giving attention – zakłócenie
  • a stance – a way of thinking about sth – stanowisko

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Źródło: urbandictionary.com, bbc.com, monster.com

Obrazy: pixabay.com

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