Bored at work? Play rock, paper, scissors and win every time!

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Did you do badly at rock, paper, scissors when you were a child? Now, it’s time to take your revenge! With a little help of science you can increase your odds of winning the game. How? Check out the tips below.


The first throw

Research by William Poundstone has shown that men tend to pick rock as their first throw. Why? This might be because rocks are thought to be a masculine symbol. Women, however, usually throw paper first. Is it because paper is more feminine than a rock? Who knows…


Tip #1: If you’re playing against a man, throw paper first. If you’re against a woman, throw scissors.

After the first loss

The study also suggests that after someone loses a round, they generally don’t throw the same thing but they often throw the thing that beat them. If someone lost e.g. by throwing paper against scissors, they’ll probably throw scissors next. Knowing this, you might beat someone twice in a row.

Tip #2: Remember what you used to beat your opponent as they might throw this thing to open next round.

More about losing

Research by China’s Zhejiang University suggests a particular pattern which people use to throw after a loss. This pattern is a triangle of moves that people follow after losing. It looks like this:


Did your opponent lose with a rock? They’ll probably choose paper next. If they lost with paper, they’ll choose scissors, and so on.

Tip #3: Predict your opponents moves with the triangle of moves

Beat the winner

According to a study by Zhejiang University, people who win usually play the winning symbol again right after winning. If your opponent beat you with a rock, play paper against them in the next round because they might throw a rock again.

Tip #4: Remember what your opponent used to beat you as they might throw this symbol in the next move.

Have some fun

Tip #5: Before you throw a rock, paper or scissors say what you’re going to throw and then really throw it. Your opponent probably won’t trust you and will expect you to throw anything but the symbol which you announced.

Good luck!

PS: Did you find this article interesting? If yes, you might find the video below interesting as well.


  • to take revenge – the action of hurting someone because he hurt you earlier – wziąć odwet
  • to increase your odds – to increase your chances of winning – zwiększyć szanse na wygraną
  • masculine – typical of a man as opposed to something typical of a woman – męski
  • a round – a part of competition – runda
  • twice in a row – two times, one after another – dwa razy z rzędu
  • an opponent – someone who you compete against – przeciwnik
  • a pattern – a special way in which something is repeated – wzór
  • to beat [beat – beat – beaten] – to defeat someone – pobić, pokonać
  • a triangle – a shape with three sides – trójkąt
  • to announce – to tell people about something officially – ogłosić, zapowiedzieć

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