Will automation steal my job?

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  • existing jobs – jobs which you can see at the present time – obecne zawody
  • to be at risk – to be in a situation where something bad can happen to you – być zagrożonym
  • to resist a change – to be against changes – opierać się zmianom
  • to review – to look at something in order to make a decision about it – przejrzeć
  • to lead – to be in control of sth – kierować
  • a job loss – a situation when you lose your job – utrata pracy
  • clergy –  priests or religious leaders – duchowieństwo
  • health care practitioner – someone who works as a doctor – praktyukjący lekarz
  • a typist – someone who writes using a machine – maszynistka
  • a retail salesperson – someone whose job is selling things – sprzedawca detaliczny
  • an accountant – someone whose job is to keep financial records of a company – księgowy

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