What If You Stopped Eating? (video)

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If any one of you has ever had a bad experience with an irritated woman, I suggest that it could be a result of the deficiency in carbohydrates in her body. And as it turns out, this can lead to serious disorders, so keep an eye on yourselves. 😉

Dear girls and boys on constant diet… I highly recommend this film to you!


  • to deplete – to reduce the amount of something – pozbawiać, uszczuplać
  • to fast – to eat nothin – pościć
  • to starve – to become ill because you do not have enough food – głodować
  • to become impaired – to become unable to function normally – stać się upośledzonym
  • expenditure – energy spent on something – wydatek
  • to diminish – to become less – zmniejszać się
  • bone density – the relationship between the weight of a bone and its size – gęstość kości
  • a tissue – the material that animals and plants are made of – tkanka
  • severe organ failure – serious inability of an organ to function – poważna niewydolność organu
  • to hold accountable – believe that someone is responsible for something – obarczać odpowiedzialnością

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