Superlatives (exercise)

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Complete the sentences with the correct superlative form. Remember to use „the”.

e.g. I’m afraid this is the shortest way back home. OR: This is the most interesting book I’ve ever read.

1. I think Jack is  (ambitious) in our group.
2. Is Texas  (big) state in the USA?
3. These are (nice) words I’ve ever heard!
4. My parents think (safe) way to travel is by train.
5. Monday is (bad) day of the week.
6. My father is (careful) driver in my family.
7. This is  (good) book I’ve ever read.
8. City centre is always (crowded) place here in the summer.
9. Some people say Polish is (difficult) language in the world.
10. Help! I’m sitting next to (boring) person at the party!

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