Present Perfect – ‚for’ or ‚since’? (exercise)

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Complete sentences with for or since.

1. My cousin has been in the army three years.
2. Mr. Jones has been in hospital the accident.
3. The central heating has been off April.
4. I've been trying to do this exercise forty five minutes.
5. I've been jealous of you a long time.
6. The water has been boiling five minutes.
7. My neighbour has been very ill last month.
8. We've been talking half an hour.
9. I've had this bike my last birthday.
10. I haven't worn high-heeled shoes my wedding.
11. That building has been there two thousand years.
12. It has been raining yesterday.
13. He has been the Prime Minister 2013.
14. The teacher has been very angry with his students a few months.
15. She's been awake six o'clock.
16. That lamp has been in my room a year.
17. She hasn't called me our last meeting.
18. They've been under water half an hour.
19. I've been using this dishwasher five years.
20. The workers have been on strike February.

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