PRIME Corporate Center put into commission

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The 96-metre tall PRIME Corporate Center building located at 78 Grzybowska street in Warsaw has already received valid use permit. This means that the investment developed by Golub GetHouse has been completed within just two years since the beginning of construction. PRIME Corporate Center anchor tenant is Raiffeisen Polbank.

PRIME Corporate Center building is the new headquarters of Raiffeisen Polbank, which will occupy 100 percent of its space including retail areas on the ground floor housing the bank’s branch. The tenant will be moving its workspace into the new location over the next few weeks.

The general contractor of the building is Warbud. PRIME Corporate Center has been designed by Solomon Cordwell Buenz architecture office from Chicago that cooperated with Epstein locally. The investment offering a total of 20,148 sqm GLA has been developed in-line with BREEAM “Very good” certificate.


  • to put sth into commission – develop into the state of being in good working order and ready for operation – oddać do eksploatacji
  • valid – a valid ticket or document is legally acceptable – ważny (tu – prawomocny)
  • permit – an official document that allows you to do something – pozwolenie, zezwolenie
  • anchor tenant – the first and usually the biggest company to rent space in a shopping centre or another building, who it is hoped will attract other businesses – kluczowy najemca
  • tenant – someone who pays rent to live in a room, house, etc – najemca
  • to occupy – to live or work in a room or building – zajmować
  • retail – when products are sold to customers from shops – handel detaliczny
  • ground floor – the level of a building which is on the ground – parter
  • to house – to provide available space – pomieścić
  • a branch – one of several shops, offices, etc that are part of a company or organization – oddział
  • to be in line with sth – to be similar to and suitable for something – odpowadać czemuś, być zgodnym z czymś


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