Tricky sentences – Quiz

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Choose one correct answer. Good luck!

1. I ______ your apologies.
2. It gets on my nerves when they put ______ little salt in my tomato soup!
3. The lack of sunshine on winter days can ______ your mood.
4. The World Cup is one coherent drama with developing conflict, mounting tension and a ______ resolution.
5. The next meeting of the city ______ is due at the beginning of March.
6. More and more skilled workers are legally ______, temporarily or permanently to rich countries.
7. I work hard to earn a ______ living.
8. I'm so excited! The show we've been waiting for will ______ this Saturday.
9. My brother has a ______ for languages.
10. Jessica's ______ shower is tonight.
11. The U.S. ______ building is in Washington DC.
12. In the view of the recession, top executives have ______ their salaries.

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