Present Simple (Exercise)

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Complete the sentences below with:
is, isn’t, are, aren’t, do, don’t, does, doesn’t.

1. My job  very interesting. I love it.
2. She  like sweets but she loves fast food.
3. Queen Elizabeth II live in England? – Yes, that’s right!
4. My friends on holiday this week. Lucky them!
5. your brother older than you?
6. Put on a jacket! It very warm today.
7. you read a lot?
8. Why you sad? What's wrong?
9. I'm sad because they understand me.
10. How you usually spend your holidays?
11. People in this city really nice and they smile all the time.
12. Where your office?
13. There 70 seconds in a minute.
14. My partner visit my family very often – once a year, maybe.
15. This job difficult; in fact it's easy!
16. I can't help you because I have time.
17. your neighbours work a lot?
18. My sister in London now because she's in Dublin.
19. Why your boss always complain?
20. Becky, why you in the office now? – Because I’m on holiday.
21. I think this is Sally. She's much taller.
22. Tom live by the sea?
23. My uncle have a hobby, except for boxing.
24. These flowers red, they are orange!



  • to smile – uśmiechać się
  • once a year – raz na rok
  • in fact – w rzeczywitości
  • to complain – narzekać
  • except for – za wyjątkiem

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