World’s first robotic kitchen unveiled (text + video)

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The world’s first Automated Kitchen was unveiled at Hanover Messe, the premier industrial robotics show. Created by Moley Robotics, the system features a dexterous robot integrated into a kitchen that cooks with the skill and flair of a master chef.

The company’s goal is to produce a consumer version within two years, supported by an iTunes’ style library of recipes that can be downloaded and created by the kitchen.

The prototype in action at the show is the product of two years development and the collaboration of an international team including Sebastian Conran who designed the cooking utensils and Mauro Izzo, DYSEGNO and the Yachtline company, who created the futuristic Kitchen furniture.

Two highly complex, fully articulated hands, made by the Shadow Robot Company, comprise the kitchen’s key enabling technology. The product of over eighteen years research and development, Shadow’s products are used in the nuclear industry and by NASA. Able to faithfully reproduce the movements of a human hand, their utility underpins the unique capability of the Automated Kitchen.

The Moley Robotics system does not cook like a machine – it captures human skills in motion. Tim Anderson, culinary innovator and winner of the prestigious BBC Master Chef competition (2011) played an integral role in the kitchen’s development.

He first developed a dish that would test the systems capabilities – a crab bisque – and was then 3-D recorded in a special studio cooking it. Every motion and nuance was captured, from the way Tim stirred the liquids to the way he controlled the temperature of the hob. His actions were then translated into elegant digital movement using bespoke algorithms created with the collaboration between Moley and teams from Shadow, Universities of Stamford (USA) and SSSUP Pisa (Italy). The robot doesn’t just cook like Tim – in terms of skill, technique and execution it is Tim producing the dish. The kitchen even ‘signs off’ its work with an ‘OK’ gesture – just as the chef does.

“To be honest, I didn’t think this was possible. I chose crab bisque as a dish because it’s a real challenge for human chef to make well, never mind a machine. Having seen – and tasted – the results for myself, I am stunned. This is the beginning of something really significant: a whole new opportunity for producing good food and for people to explore the world’s cuisines. It’s very exciting.”

Moley Robotics, which is head quartered in the UK, is now working to scale the technology ready for mass production and installation in regular sized kitchens. Future iterations will be more compact, with smaller control arms but with added functionality in the form of a built in refrigerator and dishwasher to complement a professional-grade hob and oven.

The company is working with designers, homebuilders, kitchen installers and food suppliers to promote the system. The mass-market product will be supported by a digital library of over 2000 dishes when it launches in 2017 and it is envisaged that celebrity chefs will embrace 3-D cooking downloads as an appealing addition to cook book market. Home chefs will be able to upload their favourite recipes too, and so help create the ‘iTunes’ for food.

Moley Robotics was founded by London-based computer scientist, robotics and healthcare innovator Mark Oleynik. The company’s aim is to produce technologies that address basic human needs and improve day-to-day quality of life.

“Whether you love food and want to explore different cuisines, or fancy saving a favourite family recipe for everyone to enjoy for years to come, the Automated Kitchen can do this. It is not just a labour saving device – it is a platform for our creativity. It can even teach us how to become better cooks!”


  • to unveil – to tell the public about an idea or plan that was secret before – ujawniać
  • to unveil – to remove the cover from an object as part of an official ceremony – odsłaniać
  • dexterous – zręczny
  • dexterity – skill at doing something, especially using your hands – zręczność
  • flair – a natural ability to do something well – smykałka, dar
  • chef – someone who is the main cook (= person who cooks) in a hotel or a restaurant – szef/owa kuchni
  • iTunes – link
  • utensil – a tool that you use for doing jobs in the house, especially cooking – urządzenie, ≈ przybory
  • articulated – an articulated vehicle is long and has two parts which are joined together to help it turn corners – przegubowy
  • complex – involving a lot of different but connected parts in a way that is difficult to understand – złożony
  • to comprise – to form part of something, especially a larger group – stanowić
  • to underpin – to give support, strength, or a basic structure to something – podtrzymywać
  • capability – the ability or power to do something – potencjał, zdolność
  • to capture – to record someone or something on camera/film, etc – uchwycić kogoć.coś na tasmie (filnowej)
  • Tim Anderson – link
  • BBC Master Chef competition – link
  • crab bisque – link
  • nuance – a very slight difference in meaning, appearance, sound, etc – niuans, cień
  • to stir – to mix food or liquid by moving a spoon round and round in it – mieszać
  • hob – the flat part on top of an oven where you heat food in pans – płyta (kuchenna lub grzejna)
  • bespoke – specially made for a particular person – szyty na miarę
  • Universities of Stamford – link
  • SSSUP di Pisa – link
  • execution – when you do something, such as follow a plan or order – wykonanie, wykonywanie, przeprowadzenie
  • to sign off – to stop doing your work or a similar activity for a period of time – kończyć
  • gesture – a movement you make with your hand, arm, or head to express what you are thinking or feeling – gest
  • to be stunned – być wstrząśniętym, oszołomionym
  • to stun – to shock or surprise someone very much – wstrzącać, oszalaiać, wprawiać w osłupienie
  • cuisine – a style of cooking – kuchnia (np. polska, włoska, śródziemnomorska)
  • iteration – the process of doing something again and again, usually to improve it, or one of the times you do it – iteracja
  • the form of sth – the particular way in which something exists – postać czegoś, forma czegoś
  • refrigerator – a large container that uses electricity to keep food cold – lodówka
  • to envisage – to imagine something happening, or think that something is likely to happen – przewidywać, wyobrażać sobie
  • embrace – to include a number of things – zawierać, obejmować
  • appealing – attractive or interesting – atrakcyjny
  • fancy – to want to have or do something – mieć ochotę na

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